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Diminishing Jim were formed in 2004 by drummer Brendan Johnston and guitarist/vocalist Ted Petrie-both of which played together in Three Eyed Fish. Jim & Brendan played together in Deep, and the emergence of Diminishing Jim was a direct result that stemmed from friendships and appreciation of each others' musicianship.The addition of Bill Stevens was cut short for family commitments and the inclusion of Chris Giard (also from T.E.F.) was inevitable. Diminishing Jim play just a few shows each year, but it's been at those shows that they've showed how well the songs they've written sound live. Although D.J. have been compared to the likes of Foo Fighters, The Cars and Pearl Jam, they have an undeniably distinguishable sound. Feel free to download the entire Diminishing Jim debut disc at no charge...And be sure to share it with your friends! In July 2012 DJ realeased our 2nd effort entitled 'The Monster I've Become". Available for preview & purchase at BandCamp, click the link & have at it.

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